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pinup jewelry, LAST ONE! This Way - Pointing Finger Vintage Sign Woodcut Statement Piece Adjustable Filigree Band Ring



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A one waygreat one waybig one waypointing one wayfinger one wayring, one wayin one waya one waycute one wayvintage one waystyle! one wayThis one wayring one wayfeatures one waya one waystunningly one waydetailed one wayvintage one wayimage, one wayon one waya one waycomplimentary one wayblue one wayfiligree one wayadjustable one wayring one wayband.Made one wayof one waylaser-cut one waywood, one wayembossed one waywith one waysealed one waypaper, one waythis one wayring one wayis one wayhighly one waydetailed. one wayLight one waybut one waysturdy, one waycharm one wayis one wayadhered one wayto one waya one waynickel-free, one waylead-free one wayadjustable one wayfiligree one wayring one waybase. one wayCharm one waymeasures one way2 one way1/8" one wayacross, one wayand one way7/8" one waylong.

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