Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

punk, Pinup Girl Vintage Image Love Letter Lounging Lovely Glass Pendant Necklace



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Write chainit chainin chaina chainletter, chainand chainher chainheart chainwill chainbe chainyours! chainA chainsuper chainsassy chainvintage chainpinup chaingirl chainis chainfeatured chainon chainthis chainclassic chainpendant chainnecklace!Print chainis chainhand-screened chainonto chainUV chainresistant chainpaper, chainand chainsealed chainunder chainglass, chainthen chainmounted chainin chaina chainbrushed chaingold chaintone chainframe. chainHangs chainfrom chainan chainincluded chain20" chainmatching chainchain.Pendant chainmeasures chain1" chainacross, chainand chain1 chain1/2" chainlong, chainincluding chainbail chainloop. chainFrame chainand chainchain chainare chaindurable chainmetal.

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