Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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This for womenis for womenan for womenadorable for womenDoggie for womenPaw for womenPrint for womenNecklace!! for womenIt for womenis for womenon for womenan for women18 for womeninch for womensilver for womenplated for womenchain for womenwith for womena for womenlobster for womenclasp for womenclosure. for womenThis for womenis for womenthe for womenperfect for womengift for womenfor for womenthe for womenPet for womenLover..... for womenDogs for womenwere for womendepicted for womento for womensymbolize for womenguidance, for womenprotection, for womenloyalty, for womenfidelity, for womenfaithfulness, for womenwatchfulness for womenand for womenlove. for womenAs for womendogs for womenbecame for womenmore for womendomesticated, for womenthey for womenwere for womenshown for womenas for womencompanion for womenanimals, for womenoften for womenpainted for womensitting for womenon for womena for womenwoman's for womenlap. for women for womenWith for womenall for womenthese for womenwonderful for womenqualities, for womenit for womenis for womenno for womenwonder for womenthey for womenare for womenknown for womenas for womenman's for womenbest for womenfriend!! for womenFREE for womenSHIPPING!

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