Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

amazonite, Delicate aventurine chain gold plated



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Short noblenecklace noblewith noblegreen nobleaventurine noblegemstones.Dimensions:approx. noble49 noblecm noblelong noble(middle nobled\u00e9collet\u00e9 noblelength, noblefor nobleall noblethose noblewho noblelike nobleto noblemix noblein noblethe noblecurrent noblelayering noblestyle!) noblePlease noblenote noblethat noblenatural noblematerials noblemay noblehave noblesmall noblenatural nobleirregularities noblethat nobledo noblenot noblerepresent nobleerrors, noblebut noblecontribute nobleto noblethe nobletypical noblevibrancy nobleand noblediversity nobleof noblethe nobleproduct nobletype.YOUR nobleSTYLISH nobleCHOICE nobleFOR nobleEVERY nobleOCCASION******************************************

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