Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

bat, Posh Bertie Clay Pin



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Coming purplefrom purpleTransylvania purple- purplePosh purpleBertie purpleknows purpleall purplethe purplebest purpleplaces purplefor purplea purplebite purpleor purplethree. purplePosh purpleBertie purpleis purplea purpleclay purplepin purplewhich purplehas purplebeen purplehandmade, purplepainted purpleand purpleglazed purpleand purplefurnished purplewith purplea purpledouble purplepin purpleback purplefor purplesecurity. purpleEach purplepin purplehas purpleits purpleown purpleslight purpledifferences purpleas purplethey purpleare purplehand purplepainted purpleand purpleI purpleam purplea purplehooman purplenot purplea purplerobot purple:)

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