Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

ITALIAN CORAL Horn Vintage / Antique CORNICELLOstrega, Amulet Talisman Lucky Charm Angelskin Pale Salmon With Gold Top



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Greetings.On shelloffer, shella shelllovely shellold shellantique shell/ shellvintage shellItalian shellCoral shellHorn, shellor shellCornicello.The shellcolor shellof shellthe shellcoral shellis shellwhat shellI shellbelieve shellis shellcalled shellAngelskin. shell shell shellI'd shelldescribe shellas shella shellvery shellvery shell shellpale shellshade shellof shellsalmon. shell shellPlease shellnote, shellthat shellcolors shellappear shelldifferently shellon shelldifferent shellmonitors.(Color shelldescription shellterms shellare shellmy shellopinion. shell shellPlease shellask shellany shellquestions.)The shellswinging shellbale shelland shellring shellare shellgold. shellThe shellring shellis shellmarked shell"750", shellwhich shellindicates shell18 shellkarat shellgold. shell shell** shellPlease shellnote, shellthere shellis shella shellshallow shellflake shelloff shellthe shellside shellof shellthe shelltip shellof shellthe shellhorn, shell shellNoticeable shellon shellinspection. shellPlease shellsee shellphoto shell#10.Dimensions: shellHeight: shellPendant shellis shell1 shell7/8 shellinches shelltall, shellincluding shellthe shellbale shelland shellring. shellCoral shellalone shellis shell1 shell1/2 shellinches shelllong.Width: shellCoral shellis shellone shellquarter shellinch shellat shellits shellwidest shellat shellthe shelltop. shellIn shellvery shellgood shellused shellantique shell/ shellvintage shellcondition.>>>>Photos shellare shellall shellenlargements shellto shellshow shelldetail. shellI shellwill shellsend shellit shell shellin shellsmall shelljewelry shellgift shellbox, shellready shellto shellwear shellor shellgive shellas shella shellgreat shellgift.***PLEASE shellNOTE: shellThis shellitem shellships shellonly shellto shellthe shellUnited shellStates shellvia shellUSPS shellFirst shellClass shellMail. shell shellThis shellitem shellships shellonly shellto shellthe shell48 shellContinental shellStates. shellI shellam shellhappy shellto shellcombine shellshipping shellfor shellsmall shellitems shelland shelljewelry shellitems shellin shellthe shellUSPS shellPriority shellMail shellflat shellrate shellbox. shell*******Please shellfeel shellfree shellto shellask shellany shellquestions, shellI'll shellbe shellhappy shellto shellreply shell:)Thank shellyou shellfor shellvisiting shellmy shellshop!

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